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Murriel Perez McCabe

Past and Present Projects

DevOps Infrastructure Projects ERP Administrator Database Project Management


  • Architect, deploy, manage, and scale production backend infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Load Balancer, SQS, STS, Lambda, and other related services
  • Architect and manage production Kubernetes clusters, image registries, and artifact repositories
  • Architect and automate build and continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) pipelines using Jenkins, CodeDeploy, Terraform, and bash
  • Develop internal tooling using Python and Bash
  • Support cross-functional teams; develop tools and technology processes
  • Test and release production Unity application builds on Steam
  • Manage infrastructure and systems configurations using Salt and Ansible
  • Deploy and manage logging, monitoring, and alerting solutions, including CloudWatch, New Relic, Papertrail, Datadog and Dynarace
  • Manage logging through ELK/EFK (Elastisearch-Logstash/Fluentd-Kibana)
  • Manage external development teams and lead internal feature team as scrummaster
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  • Manage collection of on-premise and hosted virtualized Windows and Linux servers on Hyper-V, including Active Directory, Exchange, Group Policy, DPM, SQL Server, WSUS, Sophos Anti-Virus, NAGIOS monitoring server, and various application and file servers.
  • Setup and maintain infrastructure for web applications, including managing external development team and code repositories on Github and Bitbucket, performing quality assurance, managing staging and production environments, and monitoring website backups and security.
  • Automate user creation and domain admin tasks using Powershell and batch scripts; automate PC deployment and updates.
  • Manage hardware, including servers, workstation, network and desktop printers, industrial label printers, document scanners, barcode scanners, network cabling, firewalls, switches, and wifi access points.
  • Provide end user support for any technology requests or needs, including systems, software, and phones, prioritizing production-down or operations-affecting issues.
  • Conduct periodic security audits and network scans.
  • Maintain systems and network infrastructure, including network VLANs, system patches and updates, video surveillance system, alarm system; ensure uptime for critical systems, schedule off-hours downtime for updates, upgrades, and other maintenance, review system logs.
  • Upgrade legacy servers and systems, create sandbox/test development systems, and deploy production servers.
  • Migrate file servers and reorganize network data shares to include appropriate departmental permissions and file structure.
  • Implement project management, time tracking, and trouble ticket system for IT operations.
  • Manage Nortel phone system updates, voicemail boxes, extension programming, music on hold.
  • Document systems infrastructure, all software and server installations, maintenance logs, process updates, and software/hardware inventory.
  • Hire and manage temporary contract support technicians for special projects or short-term assistance.
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  • Oversee migration of legacy static website to Drupal content management system, including researching various solutions, creating requirements, coordinating with external graphic designer and development company, setting up hosting platform and database and managing website launch. 
  • Upgrade internet service and setup redundant backup internet for failover. Reorganize server room, phone closet, and cleanup cabling infrastructure.
  • Review phone bills and service and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary services.
  • Conduct 2 major upgrades of SAP Business One, including planning, testing 3rd-party add-ons, rollout in test sandbox network, user testing, and after-hours cutover + client workstation updates.
  • Manage vendor implementation of Inventory Forecasting and MRP Solution and coordinate training and installation.
  • Evaluate WMS Solutions, conduct vendor interviews, define internal requirements and review project feasibility.
  • Manage conversion of alarm and video surveillance system, including equipment purchasing, infrastructure setup, software installation, and training.
  • Rearchitect RMA process, customize ERP to support workflow, create user documentation and train end users.
  • Business Analyst, Project Manager, Infrastructure Engineer for web-based product configuration tool and product ROI calculator, including generating requirements, project management, sourcing vendor, managing development timelines, and quality assurance testing. 
  • Refresh legacy PCs and systems and create inventory and asset management system.
  • Support multiple departments with the rollout of new product line, updated product pricing, and company rebranding, including updates to items and documents in SAP Business One and on website.
  • Implement SAN to upgrade storage capacity on the network.
  • Manage physical inventory counting process, including creating and reviewing variance reports, issuing recounts, ensuring uptime of wireless infrastructure and handheld devices, and coordinating with finance, production, and warehouse departments.  
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ERP Administrator, Business Analyst

  • Analyze business processes through end user shadowing and interviews. Work with the executive team, finance, sales, and production departments to support cross-departmental initiatives and new workflows by researching, presenting, and implementing technical solutions. Periodically review processes to improve efficiency, increase automation, and to ensure that best practices are being used.
  • Create process diagrams, develop framework for process and procedures documentation, analyze and document ERP configuration details, including licenses, 3rd-party add-ons, customizations, and reports.
  • Act as cross-departmental subject matter expert for SAP processes. Provide end user support, recommend best practices, develop training curriculum, host small workshops and classes on various topics, including SAP Business One workflows, Microsoft Office beginner and advanced training classes.
  • Proactively research and recommend implement new software customizations using 3rd party add-ons and built-in SAP tools.
  • Participate in industry conferences, trade shows, and meetups to stay updated on best practices and new technology solutions.
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  • Gather reporting requirements and create queries using T-SQL on SQL Server 2008 to create reports for all departments, including sales reports, KPI reports,  budget reports, trial balances, commissions reports, product reports, and transactional reports.
  • Refactor legacy SQL Queries and integrate stored procedures and SQL queries into built-in reports manager within the company's ERP Solution, as raw data,  or Crystal Reports and setup automated report delivery as appropriate.
  • Basic database maintenance, queries, batch updates on MySQL database backend for web applications.
  • Review and document existing reports, maintain report database - consolidate duplicates or delete obsolete report tools, validate integrity of reporting data and standardize reporting criteria. Implement version control for key reports and queries, automate report delivery.
  • Audit database security, setup periodic database maintenance, including backups and reindexing, and monitor database performance.
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Project Management

  • Create framework and workflow for initiating, managing, and closing projects. Provide weekly project updates and moderate quarterly long-term project planning sessions with the Executive Team.
  • Produce business and technology requirements for various IT projects, including software development projects, infrastructure updates, new software rollouts, upgrades to line-of-business applications.
  • Work with the HR department to create on boarding and off boarding procedures, remote access and mobile device policies, and to review authorizations and system access privileges.
  • Develop IT Asset Management System and maintain infrastructure documentation.
  • Source and manage outside technology vendors and service providers, and negotiate contracts.
  • Manage IT purchasing for hardware, software, and services, and review ongoing IT expenses.
  • Create long term technology strategy. Research and test new technologies and tools to assess potential future benefits for the company, including projected infrastructure and systems upgrades, project cost analysis, and review of software, hardware, and licensing requirements.
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